D850' DR and/or exposure latitude with sample

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D850' DR and/or exposure latitude with sample

Postby Stany Buyle » Mon 30 Oct 2017 17:34

An image captured a couple of days ago in the fields next to my hometown.

The original scene:

Interesting in this picture, -at least to me-, is the exposure latitude D850 provides at low iso...

After +0.75 EV and active D-Lighting set to extra high2, NR swtiched OFF...


And a crop from 1600px longest side resized to 1000px ls to fit on this forum.
:arrow: :idea: If you click on the image, you can open the 100% crop in 1602px longest side size.

I love 45Mp... :D


Even while underexposing and with NR swtiched off in Capture NX-D the image shows very little noise. It reminds me to my Nikon D7000... Kudos to Nikon!

About sharpness: There is some motion blur in the image due to the bird's flying speed. A faster shutter speed might have given more native sharpness but while this implies higher iso, the picture would have been worse because of noise.

Thanks for looking and kindest regards,
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