There exist two versions of Z7 & Z6 cameras

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There exist two versions of Z7 & Z6 cameras

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When Z series rumours were getting loud, I have been informed by an insider that all my current F mount lenses will work perfectly on my eventual Z7 or Z6 body...
But now, nearly a year later and after having tested Nikon Z extensively, -and even though I consider the FTZ adapter as an engineering masterpiece-, in relation to AF behaviour it is nowhere near to what Z series cameras perform with the incredible 24-70 F4 S and other native Z mount lenses...

Next to the good news about Nikon Z, most negative talk, flaws or remarks (including mine) by early users and reviewers on Z7'AF behaviour go back to results with F lenses mounted on a Z' series Nikon camera.

So right now, in the early days of Nikon Z and for someone who wants to cover all kind of photographic opportunities and as my little bit provocative title says, you have 2 versions of Z6 & Z7 cameras:
1 version with the FTZ adapter in between body and native F lenses, and a second version with native Z lenses. :geek:
The first version (Z body + FTZ + F mount lens) and only in relation to AF, is mediocre to excellent depending on the situation you use it for, while the second version, -Z coupled with f.i. the 24-70 F4 S-, is simply "OUTSTANDING" in ANY circumstances.

Even though the 24-70 F4 S is not made for real macro work, it does an incredible job for close up photography and I consider this lens as the BEST 24-70 I've ever used, including both versions of the 24-70 F2.8 and as well mechanically, optically as in relation to weight and size. I even consider the 24-70 F4 S that good :o that it can be a reason on its own to consider or buy a Nikon Z camera next to your Nikon DSLR gear.
But as you can't do tele photography, wildlife and BIFs with your 24-70 F4 S, and if you only have a Nikon Z7 or Z6, you will depend for some more time to come on your FTZ adapter, which is great as an adapter but which makes F mount lenses become mediocre or poor when used in difficult or tricky AF situations and subject tracking...

Once more lenses will be available, Nikon Z series will really shine...

Thanks for your attention and kindest regards,

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