Playing with the nikon 14-30F4 S...

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Playing with the nikon 14-30F4 S...

Postby Stany Buyle » Tue 8 Jan 2019 23:05

Today I had the pleasure to play with the just released nikon 14-30 F4S. Unfortunately the weather was not what I hoped for to test a landscape and/or street photography lens. Cloudy with strong wind while cold and raining...


Because of its relative small size and weight, -while still feeling very solid on its own-, this lens balances very well on a Nikon Z body.

AF while used on my Z6 is very fast ànd silent. Zooming is very smooth.
Based on the pictures I took for myself (not for publication), this lens produces images with a high sharpness all over the frame, including the corners, and already at F4.
Distortion while shooting at 14mm seems well controlled, much better than what I got those days with my beloved 16-35 F4 at 16mm.

I'll come back on this topic next week, when the Belgian billiards championships are over.

Kindest regards,


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