Hi, I'm Stany, alias "photoforfun"...

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Hi, I'm Stany, alias "photoforfun"...

Postby photoforfun » Fri 29 Aug 2008 00:24

During the last couple of years I was spending thousands of hours (yes, thousands of hours since 2001...) on various photography fora. All at a sudden the idea to start my own forum came up. Partly thanks to the big help of some other people like Mme Pamela Meier, Dirk Vermeirre, Guy Van Hooveld, Fabien, Elisabeth and Dr. Rudy Dusslier who also help to moderate the various fora on this website, it's finally realised.
I welcome everybody here who has a passion for photography: beginners, amateurs and advanced amateurs as well as professionals. I will do my very best to bring up some interesting news and topics and I will try to moderate in a way that it keeps being a nice place in the coming years.
Basically this site will be in English, but I'll moderate also threads who are originally written in French, German and Dutch.
Thanks for reading this and kindest regards,
Kindest regards, Stany
I prefer one really good picture in a day over 10 bad ones in a second... http://www.fotografie.fr/
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Re: Hi, I'm Stany, alias "photoforfun"...

Postby BNikolai » Sat 22 Nov 2008 16:49

Hello Stany,

Congratiolations Stany, I hope you will meet real friends in Photography. You have courage to start a forum.

At school I learned the basic things of the photography. After school I learned much more. Daily with the quick development of knowledge from digital applications. I switched from DOKA to PC and I can tell my joy is bigger than ever. No more smell of developer and fixing-bath. Hours I spend after my PC. 'Photography is my life', but directly besides I love to paint and to draw. Almost ten years I spend to learn drawing and painting. Last five years I spend much time with tabletopwork; still-life and experimental in a studio. And PS helps me in many ways. With help from a friend I learned much to do with PS and later from Scott Kelby, I had a workflow with him and he is my goeroe, because he tells in few words what to do. Besides tabletop I like many directions of Photography and look always for the creative way.

My Dutch is better than my English and therefore I prefere to speake in my own language. Sometimes I hope to meat questions I like to answere and questions to get answeres about things I don't know.

Betty Nicolai
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