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About me

Postby ReneJanssen-BE » Mon 19 Mar 2012 22:26

Hello everybody,
My name is René Janssen.
I live in Belgium, close to Tongeren, and I can say that I am really a Nikon Adept for many,many years now.
Started with a Nikon FM, later on a second hand Nikon F2 AS with Motor (heavy !!!), now at the moment I do
have lot's of fun with my Nikon D3s, 14-24, 85, 70-200mm,waiting for my.......... D4 as a little child getting a new toy, hahaha.
The period between my first Nikon FM and my Nikon D3s equipment nowadays was 25 years, so I did have enough time to save
some money to finally buy all these nice goodies.
I like to share my photographic knowledge and want to be an active member in these blogs.
Let's celebrate the good work that Stany and all the others already done and share all together the Nikon Fun !!
René Janssen
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Re: About me

Postby ritaB » Tue 20 Mar 2012 07:42

Welcome Rene!
Stany is waiting just as impatient as you seem to for his D700 follow up. :D
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Re: About me

Postby ReneJanssen-BE » Fri 23 Mar 2012 21:18

Thanks Rita, for your nice Welcome !!!
We already did speak two times on the Phone !!!
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Re: About me

Postby pam.meier » Tue 9 Oct 2012 19:05

Hi Reneé,
what is you main interest in photography?
You seem to love the big Nikon guns :) I kind of miss my D3s which I replaced with a D800.

Welcome to the board,
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Re: About me

Postby ReneJanssen-BE » Thu 18 Oct 2012 17:51

Hi Pam,
Sorry for my late reply, I missed this one !!!

My interest are Landscape/Nature,Portraits and for my work Interior photographing.
I am the owner of a Lifestyle shop for 25 years, in the center of Maastricht, and therefore we are often asked to decorate or renovated a home.
Most of them are people who easily can spent a little more money than the average people like us all :mrgreen:

I just sold my D3s last week on our nikonuser.info site and going to wait and save the money, when the Nikon D4X will be born.
Now at the moment I use my Nikon D4 every day, I like the camera very much....... but at the moment I have a major front focus problem in combination with my
AFS 85mm/1.4G.
In the setup menu I did already changed the Fine-tuning but I had to stop at +20 and still had the idea that it is not sharp enough !!!
In this combi the camera and lens should be Perfect, but the main factory settings are always on 0

By the way nice Pics from your last evening concert shoot, great resolution also with the 100% crop and the ISO setting on 3200, just amazing !!!

I hope the Forum-board could meet somewhere/sometime, would be nice to see the faces with all the text we write together !!

Thanks for Welcoming me on the Board.

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