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Greetings from Greenland

PostPosted: Wed 18 Mar 2009 03:35
by Duplo
Hi All,

I Guess it is time that I finally give in and check out this forum too :)

Anyway, My name is Thomas and I am a freelance photog working out of the Greenlandic Capital, Nuuk.

Photography wise I do quite a lot of stuff:
Landscape photography has always been and still is a passion of mine and I have been blessed with some surrounding that are absolutely stunning and with auroras gracing us with their amazing displays, whenever the sky is clear.

Photography wise I do a lot of stuff, Outdoor assignments are what I love and the more extreme the better, I only feel fully alive hanging of the edge of a speeding dogsled getting a shot, off the rear of a speeding snowmobile, hiking for days to reach the Inland Ice, Sailing a tiny boat among icebergs the size of small islands, or nearly being burried in Icecubes the size of family houses try to get that glacier shot :)
The arctic climate and the winter in particular is where I feel at home. often working for hours or days in temperatures that will make the inside of a freezer look warm and cozy :)

Cover a fair amount of corporate events and does an odd portrait job every now and then, but it is my outdoor and travel photography that makes me feel truly alive.

I am looking forward to see what this forum is all about:)

Re: Greetings from Greenland

PostPosted: Fri 20 Mar 2009 22:02
by photoforfun
Hi Thomas,
Thanks for joining. I'm looking foreward to some of your great landscapes from Greenland...

Re: Greetings from Greenland

PostPosted: Sun 19 Apr 2009 17:20
by Leen Koper
Strange hobbies you have... ;-)
Welcome to the forum, I am eager to see the images of the landscape of Greenland, a rather unknown territory to me.

Re: Greetings from Greenland

PostPosted: Tue 21 Apr 2009 03:50
by ChrisBergstrom
Welcome Duplo! I think you're going to like this site a lot. I want to visit Greenland someday too. How's the weather right now?


Re: Greetings from Greenland

PostPosted: Sat 25 Apr 2009 18:32
by Duplo
Stany, Leen and Chris,

Thank you soo much for the warm welcomes.
Since writing the welcome post i have been travelling more or less non stop in Europe, so my apologies for being a litlte slow on the replies.

Stany and Leen, I have a couple of introductionary photoposts lined up, nothing groundbreaking, but just to introduce myself with what really matters, the images:)

Chris, weather is somewhat a disappointment.
My plan was to spend the weekend on my snowboard, but weather has so far not permitted it to happen.
Otherwise we are in the early spring season, leasurely temperatures just around 0C and some VERY long days again.

Thanks again for the warm welcome guys.

Re: Greetings from Greenland

PostPosted: Mon 29 Jun 2009 17:38
by Vincent De Vos
Goodafternoon Mr. Thomas,
I'm happy you joined this forum, your pictures from Greenland are simply amazing. I'm looking foreward to see some more...