Hi all, new to this board

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Hi all, new to this board

Postby Infernoken » Thu 8 Oct 2015 16:27


new user to this board through some very special way...

I'm the lucky owner of a new 'used' D7200, and guess who it came from :-)
So learned about this forum, and would like to join and share experiences...
(Also have account on BelgiumDigital under the same nickname)

I do have quite some experience with photography...
Have enjoined a 3 year photographer training and I have all the required technical understandings on how stuff works ;-)

My main history on my equipment:
Used to have a analogue F100, a device I loved very much...
Digital started with an Olympus C2040, then moving to an Olympus E-10, a great 'reflex' for it's time, and enjoyed it for many years...
Then switched back to Nikon to enjoy the great D70, a revolution during it's days...
Then to the D200
Then the D300
And now a D7200

Will miss the real professional feel of the D300, but the D7200 has such an improvement in sensor that I simply could not resist...

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Re: Hi all, new to this board

Postby Stany Buyle » Thu 8 Oct 2015 17:42

Welkom - welcome!
Perhaps you can give a Flemish boost to this forum.
The reason I started this forum in English were a bunch of friends from Dpreview. Steve Bingham is still a regular poster...
I would love to see more happening on this forum in my mother tongue. Also the second hand section needs a boost.

You're kindly invited to bring more people here.
Trolling, shouting, bashing is strictly forbidden here, in big contrast with other English fora... ;)

Pictures, whatever masterpieces or first attempts, interesting links, astro news, photo news, rumours, user reviews and funny things are very appreciated here.

Kindest regards,
Vriendelijke groet,

Stany and/en Rita
kindest regards,

I like better one good shot in a day than 10 bad ones in a second...
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Stany Buyle
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Re: Hi all, new to this board

Postby Infernoken » Thu 8 Oct 2015 22:00

Hi Stany,

I'm delighted to join this forum, and actually was very surprised on the detailed information that is already collected in here :o

I'll make some more people aware of it's existence, most do reside on BelgiumDigital right now...

Been playing around with the D7200 this evening, setting it up to behave as my trusty D300...

First thing I change was the Aperture control to the Main Command dial, never could get used to the Sub Command dial for that...

Seems like a superb camera, ISO 6400 sure blows the D300 out the water...

Warm Regards,
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