Hi I am Michel Delfeld

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Hi I am Michel Delfeld

Postby MDelfeld » Sun 12 Oct 2008 09:25

Hello everybody, my name is Michel Delfeld, but you can call me Michel or Brainois because I live in the city of Braine le Comte in Belgium near to Nivelles, Mons a little bit further.
I am mainly working in the construction sector making new buildings, renovating other ones. I was aloso active in the food having a restaurant, but it's now finished, I sold it on the first of october. I will have much more time for my main hobby, that is to say photography.

A part from that, I am having different hobbies such as lecture, walking, cycling.

As photographer, I am not a professional. At the age of 14, I started taking pictures with my father's Yashica. Later I went ton Minolta with th SRT303. A now, since 2000, I am using APN. The very first was a Fuji FinePix 4700 at that time I was still using argentique. It's in 2004 after different readings that I was totally convinced with APN. I bought a Canon 1DMkII, It was (it is) a brilliant machine (gun). Now I am working with the 1D MkIII which is an incredible body. And waiting to buy the 5D MkII.

To see it I went to Audiofil, there I met Stany . He kindly invite me to this forum.

I am very pleased to log in, hoping to get some god exchanges and learnings from everybody.

Hapy to be there
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