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PostPosted: Mon 26 Oct 2009 09:51
by paly
I'm Patrick. Started photographing in 2005 with a minolta A200 hybrid. Switched to a reflex about a half year later.
Turned tot fujiS3 and photographing now with FujiS5 and Nikon D700.
I'm interested in kids an weddings. I use a lot of off-camera (strobist) strobes and have some studio-experience.
My website:

Grtz to all.

Welcome Patrick!

PostPosted: Mon 26 Oct 2009 22:48
by Stany Buyle
I'm happy having met you in relation with your ex-S5pro, mine now...
Thanks for joining this forum.
Your first portrait you posted here is very nice, I hope to see more nice work from you.