About registration on this forum.

I this section you can introduce yourself, post invitations and more...

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About registration on this forum.

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Forum registration starts HERE:


While we don not want spam robots or people with bad intentions crowding this forum we ask to provide the URL of your website, a link to your online photo gallery or your profile on another photography forum on the registration page to activate the account of a new registrar. This information will not be visible in your user profile or member list unless you post it yourself.

:!: Although it's not an obligation, we prefer users to register under their real name (eventually shortened or initials) in order to avoid anonymous trolls.


If you want to become an active member of this forum you have to indicate this in the required field during the registration procedure.

To enable you to post new topics, to reply to existing topics, to post pictures or to access to the "talk with a pro " section your initial registration profile has to be updated to affiliated forum member by a moderator ".This can take upto 48 hours.

After your upgrade to affiliated member your very first topic or reaction on this board will be subject of evaluation by a moderator. This again to avoid spam robots or people with bad intentions.

:arrow: Click here to start your registration now.

Read our forum rules before you join.
We reserve the right not to accept registrations without debate or explain about that.

Thank you.

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