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Welcome to Iliah Borg!

PostPosted: Wed 17 Feb 2010 07:44
by Stany Buyle
While frequenting Dpreview I was often very impressed by the enormous technical knowledge of Iliah Borg about sensor technology and everything in relation with that. Iliah's writings (and the sometimes interesting reactions on that by others) have been always a very interesting read and, -even though often way above my capability to understand fully the contents-, extremely usefull to increase my humble knowledge about how light is translated to what we finally see on the LCD of our camera and/or on our monitor. Up to that Iliah's writings and reactions always contain a certain amount of humour what makes it next to highly interesting also entertaining to read.
From what I think to understand based on his posters profile Iliah is next to professional photographer busy with software developing related to photography. Some of the software products he's involved with are Libraw about which he explained here and Magic Raw, a raw converter.

After my invitation to visit/join this forum I was extremely happy when I saw his registration. :)

A warm welcome to this forum. I am convinced that your presence will open very interesting discussing with other forum members.