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Bumble bee acrobacy...

PostPosted: Sun 2 Aug 2009 09:24
by Stany Buyle
This bumblebee made me think on someone working on a trapeze in a circus...


Alright Stany, knock it off!

PostPosted: Sun 2 Aug 2009 16:52
by DavidLake
Quit making me jealous I don't have any time to get out and take macro. Is there nothing more rewarding than capturing a a little critter goofing around? Please share your lighting technique on these type of shots. It looks like a little side fill - do tell. Here's one of my only decent bee shots - sadly the subject was, well you can tell. Believe it or not this was shot with the Pentax K10 and the 10-17mm fisheye lens while hiking. They work as pseudo macros in a pinch.