How about the D7000 combined with 70-200 VRII + 2xTC IIIe?

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How about the D7000 combined with 70-200 VRII + 2xTC IIIe?

Postby Stany Buyle » Tue 15 Mar 2011 22:49

How about the D7000 combined with 70-200 VRII + 2xTC IIIe? I use the 70-200VR+ 2xTCIIIe combo on my D700 often and with very pleasing results. I'm considering to add a D7000 for reach. I fear that this combo doesn't combine as well with the D7000' extreme high pixel density though... My experience with this lens/TC combo on my D300 was not as good as FX with 70-200 VRII + 2XTCIIIe...

Thanks in advance for your answer.
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Re: How about the D7000 combined with 70-200 VRII + 2xTC IIIe?

Postby Marianne Oelund » Tue 15 Mar 2011 23:04


I'm sending you a couple of samples, demonstrating the additional detail that the D7000 can pull from this lens combination, relative to the D3/D700.

The test subject used in this case was a printed flyer. Cameras were used at base ISO for best detail, and lenses were used wide open. The finest detail consists of the printing dot pattern, and surface dust and fibers, so that is what you will want to compare.

In VR2TC20_D3vsD7K.jpg, you see a D3 image on the left, which has been upsampled 176% to match the scale of the D7000 image at 100% on the right. You can see that there is detail beyond what the D3 can capture, but only very heavy cropping, or a huge print size, would reveal this difference in the final output.

In VR2_aloneVsTC20.jpg, you see two D7000 images at 100%. On the left, the image is with the 70-200 VR II at a closer distance, with no TC; this is a detail reference. On the right is with the TC-20E III added, at a greater distance which matches the magnification. This example shows how much detail loss there is in the optics, from adding the TC.

These aren't the best examples, but they are what I have available at the moment. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Re: How about the D7000 combined with 70-200 VRII + 2xTC IIIe?

Postby Lance B » Sat 2 Apr 2011 13:44

Hi gang,

I am a new member to this forum and my equipment is listed in my signature. So, you can see that I have the D7000 + 70-200 f2.8 VRII + 2x TCIII. What a fabulous combination this is! I have shot plenty of images at ISO3200 and ISO6400 and the results are quite amazing. I use Capture One Pro 6 and convert to 16bit TIFF and then open in Photoshop CS5 and use Noiseware Professional plug in for noise reduction. I then reduce for webview and sharpen with Power Retouche plug in.

Please check my images of Singapore Zoo which were many were taken at ISO3200 and ISO6400!!!:

I would link directly to photos, but I have set my display to my PBase site to 1300 pixel width and this site only allows up to 1024pixels and therefore I cannot display them here.

Some were taken with the D700, most with the D7000 and most were with the 2x TCIII attached to the 70-200 f2.8 VRII.

The 2x TCIII does slow down the focus a touch, but I really found it of no real issue in good to mediocre lighting and focus accuracy was spot on.

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