D3 vs D700 AF speed...

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D3 vs D700 AF speed...

Postby photoforfun » Wed 3 Sep 2008 22:39

After D3 since it's release and D700 since july 25th I do not see significant differences in AF speed between D3 and D700.
D700 has the big advantage in really low light focusing because of AF assist lamp and D3 gives the impression of locking a little faster as D700 with screw driven lenses. My 105 AF-S hunts more with my D700 as it did with my D3 after the D3 firmware upgrade which included AF improvements. Possibly a similar firmware upgrade will follow for D700.
I see NO AF speed difference while using 24-70 AF-S and 17-35 f2.8 on D3 or D700...
I am curious if there is a difference in AF speed with screw driven lenses like 80-400VR if you use the D3 battery in the D700(-with grip)...
I wrote my findings -with samples-, about 3D tracking with 24-70 on D700 on my website.
Kindest regards, Stany
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Re: D3 vs D700 AF speed...

Postby Stany Buyle » Tue 25 Mar 2014 06:36

From a 2008 topic:

I used a D3 since november 29th and a D700 since a couple of weeks.
After reading quiet a bit of different reactions on different photography gear fora about eventual difference in AF performance between both cameras I did a simple test this morning to check the D700's AF performance using 3D-tracking mode.
My dog was running fast in my direction. And while "images say more than thousand words..." I post here underneath the 4 files.
The lens I used was the 24-70 AF-S @ 70mm.

The four images were shot in less than a second, using AF-C 5fps.

In overall use of my D700 I didn't notice any difference in AF speed between D3 and D700, not with AF-D screw driven lenses and not with AF-S lenses.

I should have used a faster shutter speed to freeze more the action and would have got even sharper results, due to the speed of the running dog, you see some motion blurr right now...





Same dog, but she 's a bit bigger now...

kindest regards,

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