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Nikon just made their most stupid decision ever...

PostPosted: Mon 3 Mar 2014 19:54
by Stany Buyle replacing Nikon Capture NX 2 by Nikon Capture -D.

Just like Jason Odell writes, I find Nikon NX-D to be nice as a ViewNX2 successor, but worthless as a Nikon Capture NX2 replacement.
Jason Odell on his website wrote:So take your pick for what you want the “D” in Capture NX-D to stand for. Downgrade. Debacle. Delirious. Dead on Arrival. I’m open to all suggestions!

Although less dramatic than Jason Odell, Thom Hogan also writes about this disaster: "The Embedded Adjustments Problem"

The incredible U point tech and so much valuable options will be gone with a D800 successor.
By that time I will shoot Canon or keep my D800e for 10 more years, probably a second hand D3s or D4 for speed.

Next to all this, I'm convinced that Nikon Capture NX2 was for many Nikon users (including myself) something like the umbilical cord to Nikon cameras. TMHO they have never inducted such a customers loss as they have done now.

I'm entirely done with Nikon strategy.

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