D3 or D700 ? My thoughts...

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D3 or D700 ? My thoughts...

Postby photoforfun » Fri 29 Aug 2008 10:05

About IQ and pictures - the major factor why a camera is made -, D700 and D3 are EXACTLY the same...
D3 has some advantages against D700 like built quality and weather sealing, double CF card slot, better CF door, better battery, standard portrait grip and 9fps...


D700 has some serious advantages against D3: D700 has sensor cleaning, has a built -in flash who does a perfect job as commander for other flashes, is less striking, less heavy and less bulky.
The major advantage of the D700 over the D3 is the fact that it's a modular system if you purchase the MB-D10 grip with 4ea battery, like having both D700 and D3 @ the same time. Then you get nearly the same fps (8 against 9), MORE battery life (because you can leave the other battery inside), a built in flash and sensor cleaning.
You can't create sensor cleaning in your D3 if you would like to and you can't pop up a flash on the moment you don't have another chance to capture the picture, but you can mount your MB-D10 when you need 8fps, portrait grip or when you need maximum battery performance..
And about 150.000 frames against 300.000: There were some D3 owners who had a repair of their shutter mechanism @ less than 10.000 shots and I'm sure that many D700's will last longer than 150.000 frames. All depends on the way you handle your camera, inside it's basically the same.

After having used D3 since it's release, and D700 since july 25th, I would prefer D700 over D3 anytime....But that's just my take. If I would be a sports photographer or a PJ I would most likely prefer D3... but while weight, size, inconspiciousness and built in flash are major things for me, D700 gets my personal preference.

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D3 without PUF or D700 with PUFlash...

Postby Stany Buyle » Sat 4 Dec 2010 10:41

Back in july 2008 24th I was very happy to exchange my D3 for my D700 which I still use with the same joy. One of the reasons of my exchange, -next to size and weight-, was that I wanted a PUFlash on my camera for macro and just for "in case". With my D3, -on moments that I did not have my SB800 with me-, the lack of a PUFlash made me miss quite a couple of shots.
Next to that and as a frequent macro shooter, the D700 commander mode is way easier, compact, -simply better- than the extra tool you have to mount on your already oversized D3 to make your flash work at distance.
I was reading that some people don't like the PUFlash while it accidently opened... after two ½ years and several tenthousands of pictures I never had the PUFlash accidently opened, never.

D700' PUFlash saved my day more than once (see pictures underneath)

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