1DX demo at Audiophil, a day to forget quickly...

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1DX demo at Audiophil, a day to forget quickly...

Postby Stany Buyle » Sat 4 Feb 2012 14:29

I'm a Nikon user, and although very happy with Nikon gear, I am not a brand fanatic and I'm curious and interested about everything what other brands release and the overall progress in photographic equipment.

Yesterday I was invited to a 1DX presentation by Audiophil in Aachen, Germany. (http://audiophilfoto.de/index.php)

In the invitation there was clearly written that we could make pictures ("Bring Ihre CF Karten mit” and "N´oubliez pas de prendre vos cartes mémoires avec"...") and that it was not a prototype camera, but a final product... (see copy of the invitation here underneath)

Also after another contact by phone this was confirmed. I wanted to be sure because from home to Audiophil is a 335km drive, in wintertime, ànd another 335km back home...
But it turned out to be a real bummer... A day to forget quickly...

I arrived around 14:15 and gave a collection item(Nikon FE) for repair to Mr. Henri, one of the Audiophil technical experts.
Under while quite a lot of photographers arrived and around 15:15 we finally went to the restaurant where the demo was to be held.

Then came the cold shower: A clearly nervous Canon representative told us that –contrary to what was promised- we cannot take pictures with the camera while it is not a final product...

The only interesting moment was one of the people asking to the Canon rep why this camera has been delayed so much: “Ich habe gehört es hat zu tun mit F8 Blende...”(English: I heard is's because of lenses with F8 aperture...) said the Canon rep. Now that’s interesting while being in competition with Nikon D4 which is focusing flawless with F8 lens/TC combinations this is a real challenge.


For me the day was ruined. Driving 670km in wintertime just to hold a camera? 670km to see a dia projection to read specs that I was reading months ago?




About the camera itself I cannot add anything that hasn’t been written yet. There was one D1X with a 24-70 mounted and one with a big tele.
The 1DX ‘ AF is amazingly fast, even in lowlight and also with the outer AF points. It’s a big and heavy camera as my D3 and from what I could see on the LCD it takes amazing pictures at very high iso. The camera is very loud, much to loud to my taste just like my D3 and my D700...

I was so sad about this stupid trip that I left during the demo. Went back to the Audiophil shop and picked up my -under while repaired- Nikon FE.

I didn’t realize the worst part of the day still had to come...
After driving about 20KM direction home it began to snow heavily and traffic got into a disaster. Numerous accidents with some deadly ones, sad... In Brussels I was standing still for 3-4 hours on the ring and finally arrived home –safely- around 2:00 AM...


A day and experience quickly to forget...

Don’t get me wrong, no bad feelings towards Audiophil, only the communication by Canon towards a rather big dealer was very amateurish...
kindest regards,

I like better one good shot in a day than 10 bad ones in a second...
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Re: 1DX demo at Audiophil, a day to forget quickly...

Postby James » Sat 4 Feb 2012 16:10

Sounds pretty awful Stany.

I am glad that you did get home safe and sound though.

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Re: 1DX demo at Audiophil, a day to forget quickly...

Postby pam.meier » Sun 5 Feb 2012 09:16

OMH, Stany, I´m glad you arrived safely!
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