New Ricoh, very good?

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New Ricoh, very good?

Postby FVanDerLinden » Sat 21 Feb 2009 08:33

Was reading on Dpreview-news:
Takashi Hongoh, General Manager of the company's Research and Development department says: For more extreme lighting situations, there is also a built-in high-dynamic range mode. This shoots two, differently exposed, images consecutively and combines them to enable to capture of a greater dynamic range than would be possible in a single exposure. The company claims the CX1 will be able to capture and convey dynamic range of up to 12EV. However, Hongoh stresses that its feature isn't trying to produce the fashionable, heavily-processed 'HDR-look.' 'it aims to portray the scene in as natural a way as possible.

I think very soon compact cameras will be so good as reflex cameras for amateur fotographer normal freetime use... It can make macro to 1cm, one lens 28-200, and video, all that is very expensive with reflex camera.
D100 and 28-105 lens, no money for more, but happy...
Greetings from Gent, Frans.
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