Weird problem: Nikon ViewNX asks to login to Windows Live ID

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Weird problem: Nikon ViewNX asks to login to Windows Live ID

Postby Stany Buyle » Tue 24 Feb 2009 22:17

I'm working with Vista 64bit and I am basically a very happy Nikon View and Nikon Capture NX user. Since a couple of weeks I had a very boring problem with Nikon View NX though: Nikon ViewNX asks to login to Windows Live ID and refuses to fuction otherwise. Offline working with Nikon View wasn't possible anymore...
As you will read further this problem has no relation with Nikon software but is generated by microsoft.
After been driven nut by this problem I finally found the solution on the Nikonians website in this topic:

You have to delete "My Websites on MSN" and it's fixed...(In Vista it's easy, as shown underneath in the screenshot)

After my own research in Windows Vista the related files can are located somewhere in C:\Users\userX\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft...
According to the info on Nikonians in Win XP you find this file in "C:\Documents and Settings\NetHood"

The origin of this problem was a result of a hotmail account I created some weeks ago, which forced me to log in on Windows Live ID. Eventhough being an intensive Microsoft user since quite long time (win 3.1) I do not have any experience with hotmail, MSN and messenger, I even uninstalled messenger and al chat applications until I was working with XP. I'm going to try to find out to enable Windows Live in Vista as well. I hate those applications... TMHO those applications make a public marketplace from MY computer, something I don't want, My computer is MY workspot to work on pictures and to organise other things, not a public space as Microsoft apparently wants to transfer it into... I cannot understand that while generating a simple emailaddress @ microsoft this can cause so much trouble in programs like Nikon View. The reason I wanted a hotmail account was after I encountered some spoofing with my main emailadress that I used to login on other websites. Spamrobots go for them, also the info@xxx -adresses on websites are a target for those spamrobots. I underwhile changed my HTML generated "mailto:...-email" in a jpeg on my website for the same reason of avoiding to become an easy spoofing victim... (BTW: Spoofing in a technique where SPAM generators use your own emailaddress to send you and others spammmessages, more on spoofing here:

I hope this info helps for other users.
kindest regards,

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Re: Weird problem: Nikon ViewNX asks to login to Windows Live ID

Postby Lil Judd » Wed 25 Feb 2009 19:13

Thank you for posting this Stany. I'm not working in these programs right now - only NX2 on XP - - but I have to buy a laptop & in doing so I will undoubtedly end up with Vista as my operating system. I see the problems heading my way......


Lil :-)
Lil :-)
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Re: Weird problem: Nikon ViewNX asks to login to Windows Live ID

Postby Steve Bingham » Fri 22 Oct 2010 15:38

Great tip, mere seconds. Problem fixed.

Thanks, Stany. As I have never used Nikon Viewnx before, I was puzzled.
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