NikonViewNXv2.0.2 exists. It's ecessary to convert D7000NEFs

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NikonViewNXv2.0.2 exists. It's ecessary to convert D7000NEFs

Postby Stany Buyle » Wed 20 Oct 2010 20:37

Early D7000 buyers in the US got Nikon ViewNX2 2.0.2 on the CD that accompanies the camera. This software is needed to convert D7000 NEF files into TIFF or jpeg files.
One of those early D7000 owners enabled me to download NVNX2 and I am amazed about the quality of D7000 nef files after conversion with this "Native Nikon" NEF converter.

There was already software- RPP(written in co-operation with Iliah Borg)-, available to convert D7000 NEF, files but it was only for MAC system.

I always prefer the brand own RAW conversion software over third party software. I feel to get more detailed images with less noise than what I get with third party conversion programs and, last but not least, the native Nikon NEF convertor opens the NEF file with the in-camera settings applied, something what third party convertors don't.
You can read "Why I prefer Capture NX2 over ACR for NEF conversion"here.

Unfortunately I am by law not enabled to offer this software for download. Just wait a couple of days and you'll find it on your country 's Nikon support website.
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