New Topaz Noise Reduction Technology Available

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New Topaz Noise Reduction Technology Available

Postby Stany Buyle » Thu 6 May 2010 04:44

DeNoise 4 with IntelliNoise Available
Free major upgrade Topaz DeNoise 4 uses a new technology called "IntelliNoise" to remove noise and recover detail.
"Bump your ISO up to 1600 or more so you'll be able to take photos [ faster / in less light / with greater depth of field ]."
Chances are, as you read that, you instantly thought about image noise. When you increase your sensitivity by raising your ISO setting, you gain many possible benefits like a faster shutter speed, wider depth of field, and more light sensitivity. The prohibitive downside, of course, is that you get lots of image noise that can ruin your photo.

A new solution: Topaz DeNoise 4.

Topaz DeNoise 4 is a major update to our noise reduction plug-in that includes our new and proprietary "IntelliNoise" technology, which uses a completely unique method to naturally remove noise while recovering detail. We've been developing IntelliNoise for a long time now and we're very happy the way it turned out. Visit the Topaz DeNoise 4 webpage for more information + examples, and grab it for almost 40% off until 5/31/10!

One of the biggest benefits DeNoise 4 has over DeNoise 3 (and many NR programs) is that it makes the image look natural while removing noise. The new IntelliNoise technology enables DeNoise 4 to preserve the natural photo look while simultaneously removing large amounts of noise. In fact, in internal tests, DeNoise 4 was able to consistently make dSLR ISO1600 photos look almost identical to ISO100 in noise levels and photo quality! We urge you to try this out on your own photos.
Benefits of being able to reliably remove 4 stops of noise include:
• Where you could normally shoot with only 1/20 sec shutter speed, now you can shoot 1/320 sec with similar quality. This prevents motion blurring and helps freeze action.
• Where before in low lighting situations you would be forced to use f2.8 and its extremely shallow depth of field, you can now use f/11 to keep everything in-focus.
Much more...
If you've previously purchased an earlier version of Topaz DeNoise, thanks so much for supporting us. DeNoise 4 is a free upgrade for you. If you have not tried Topaz DeNoise before, please do so by downloading our 30-day free trial, and be sure to take advantage of our large introductory discount until the end of the month!
Have a great day and enjoy using DeNoise 4!
kindest regards,

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Re: New Topaz Noise Reduction Technology Available

Postby Leen Koper » Sun 16 May 2010 08:31

I often wonder why this software still seems to sell well.
Todays cameras almost operate noiseless up to ISO 3200 and only once each two years I notice a kind of noise that bothers me. Or am I the only one?
It seems to me that this kind of software is meant for only a small part of the photographic community, a part that diminishes very fast with the advent of new cameras.
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