How to post a link to a bigger picture in this forum...

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How to post a link to a bigger picture in this forum...

Postby eSBee » Sat 11 Oct 2008 19:33

The preferred maximum picture size on this forum is 1024 x 1024 pixels, if you want to show larger pixels though, you can do this while using the URL button.
1.Choose an URL where you want to link to.
2. open a new topic
3. Enter a subject description in the subject window (f.i. "bee in flight")
4. Type text in the text window if you want to...
5. Add the URL, f.i.: ... Flight.jpg
6. Click the whole URL, (as you do when you copy/paste...)
7. While the whole URL is blue, click on the "URL" button.Automatically "[url]" and "[/url ]" will appear in front and behind your URL...
8. you will see as this sample text: [url][/uri]
9.Now click "preview" button and check if everything is OK...
10. To check if everything is OK with the posted URL, in IE7 I use right mouse click and commando "open in a new tabpage" as shown below


and after opening in a new tabpage you'll see:


11.Click "submit" to post your topic with url if everything seems fine to you...
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