How to join this forum, another way...

How to register, how to become an affiliated member, how to post pictures, etc...

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How to join this forum, another way...

Postby eSBee » Tue 20 Oct 2009 11:03

Just send an email(*) with follwing information:

1. your (real)name
2. your location
3. the login you want to use(we prefer your real name, eventually shortened),
4. the email adress(*) that you want to use for mailings from this board
5. your website or the URL where your pictures are hosted(Pbase, flickr, etc)
6. Eventually your user profile on another photography website
to Image (*) .

After evaluation you'll get a login and password ASAP which will enable you to participate in our discussions and post pictures on our board. We will not debate affiliation to this board if the supplied information is insufficient, incomplete or false.

Anonymous posters are not allowed.

*=hotmail and gmailaccounts as only information are not accepted.
*=Emailaccounts related to websites with contens which interfere with our forum rules will not be accepted.

We reserve the right not to accept registrations without debate or explain about that.
Read our forum rules before you join.

The guiding principle on this forum has to be passion for photography .
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