Nikon 28-300 AF-S VR and Tamron 28-300 VC side by side...

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Nikon 28-300 AF-S VR and Tamron 28-300 VC side by side...

Postby Stany Buyle » Sat 27 Nov 2010 10:50

Nikon 28-300 AF-S VR and Tamron 28-300 VC side by side on my D700...

I had the tamron 28-300VC since the day it was available(read my findings here and here) and was happy with it's performance but the nikkor -which I have since photokina(link with samples)-, is simply another league.
About two months ago I was comparing the two lenses side by side on my D700 but didn't have the time yet to publish the results with lots of pictures and 100% crops at 35-50-105-200 and 300mm and respectively widest open at each setting, F7.1 and F11.

Some initial findings from this test:

  • The nikkor is a tad sharper from 28 to 150-200mm, significantly sharper over 200mm and at 300mm
  • The nikkor focuses much faster
  • It was much easier to get decent handhold close up pictures with the nikkor because of the AF-C setting and focus speed combination. Non of these two lenses are an alternative for even a cheap macro lens though. Holding the lens still at 300mm for a closeup is not easy...
  • The zoom ring of the nikkor is much more precise to any focal setting whereas I was struggling for 10 minutes and kept unable to set the tamron @ 105mm(finally set on 110mm, same story at some other focals.
  • The nikkor has a better grip and handling
  • The nikkor zoomring turns much smoother
  • The nikon has F5.3 as widest aperture @ 105mm whereas the tamron has 5.6
  • The nikon has F5.6 as widest aperture @ 200mm whereas the tamron has 6.3
  • The nikon has F5.6 as widest aperture @ 300mm whereas the tamron has 6.3
  • The tamron has less distortion
  • The vibration control of the tamron is more noisy than the VR of the nikkor.
  • The tamron is significantly cheaper
I will post the pictures later on next week.
Thanks for reading.
kindest regards,

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