Nikon 28-105

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Nikon 28-105

Postby Cindy » Wed 27 Aug 2008 21:33

I was very happy to test extensively the Nikon D850.


While the camera I used was a pre-production model I do not have the right to publish images taken during the try out time.
For pictures with D850, I will complete this user review from Sept 7th on, the day I should receive mine.
Not being allowed to post any pictures taken doesn't mean I can't write something that probably might interest you though...

D850, first impressions:

  • If you are common with or if you have a D800 or D810 ànd a D500, you will recognise inheritage from both. Body size being a little smaller than D810, button layout similar to D810, tilting LCD and iso button placement like D500. The D850 also has a dedicated AF point positioning joystick, just like D5 and D500.
  • The D850 viewfinder is... simply out of this world and one of the things I like the most about this camera. It's a dream to look through even if your distance is a little further away because of your glasses in between.
    Even though I will never shoot this camera in DX mode(it does nót change fps speed), I tried a DX lens and the clearly marked DX surface is now more than big enough to use confortable.
  • The AF is a direct heritage from D5, with some improvements while using Live view.
  • IQ is simply stunning straight out of the camera, I love the new "auto" picture control setting.
  • DR has even increased over the already extraordinary DR of the D810.
  • IQ at high isos is to my opinion a full stop better than what I got with my D810.
  • While looking at normal screen viewing and A3+ print, 25600 now became as clean as what my D750 delivered, but with more detail and mcuh more resolution...
  • Camera operation noise is clearly more nervous than D810, noie level somewhere between D800 and D810, over a relative silent Quiet mode(more silent than D810), to total silence while used in LV.
  • You can use the D500 or D810 battery in the D850.
  • The touch screen has significantly improved over D500 while U can use it while scrolling the menus. Great!
  • 9 fps with grip makes it a perfect sports camera.
  • I use a 128GB XQD, and that's what you need if you shoot uncompressed RAW
  • The illuminated controls makes the D850 a joy to use at night...

Is the D850 an interesting replacement for a D800 user: Definitely!
Is the D850 an interesting replacement for a D810 user: Worth considering but D810 is still a fantastic camera, even with his successor arrived...

I was testing the D850 with 20mm F1.8, 50mm F1.4, 70-200 F2.8 AF-S VR FL, the mighty 200-500 consumer lens with pro grade IQ, and finally with my prehistoric, distortion free 28-105 walk around lens... Images after September 7...

Thanks for reading. Will be continued...

Kindest regards,
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