70-200VRII+TCIII on D700 test-part 3: AF in low light and VR

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70-200VRII+TCIII on D700 test-part 3: AF in low light and VR

Postby Stany Buyle » Mon 18 Jan 2010 08:46

This topic is a continuation on this topic: Nikon 2x TCIII is simply an optical miracle.

Yesterday I was visiting the Belgium carom billiards in Blankenberge @ the the Belgium coast.
D700& tamron 28-75F2.8 @ iso 4000, 1/160sec F2.8

For my daily job I was taking some pictures of the event to publish a Belgium champonships report on our company' website.

While I was a bit too late, final round already had started (because of 70-200+TCIIIcombo' AF testing) i had to sit quite far from the table where the final match was played...

Quite far from the object, lowlight and artificial light... No problem for my magic combo(70-200 AF-S VRII + TCIII)...

Some shots with crops and exif...

D700 & 70-200VRII + TCIII @ 300mm, handhold, iso 4000,1/25 sec, F 5.6
On the above picture you see Peter De Backer in action. Peter De Backer is among the 5 strongest all-round players in the world and used to be n°7 on the world three-cushion ranglist. 1 1/2 year ago Peter De Backer got tragically suspended "for dope" by WADA because of a sleeping pill he took after his very best friend died in a car crash while he was playing the world championships in Germany... Wada returned on his steps after protest from several collegue players and the Belgium federation but the suspension costed him 25 places on the world ranking... Silly WADA...

D700 & 70-200VRII + TCIII @ 240mm, handhold, iso 4000, 1/15 sec, F 5.6
On the above picture you see Patrick Niessen while playing the one-cushion final. He won 2 of the 5 Belgium titles this weekend in Blankenberge.

D700 & 70-200VRII + TCIII @ 400mm, handhold, iso 4000,1/15 sec, F 5.6
On the above picture you see Frederic Caudron, since many years the strongest all-round carom player in the world and among the 4-5 best three cushion players on the last 5 years world ranking list.

and a 100%crop of this picture:

And finally a picture with crop on behalf of this 70-200+TC-"magic combo" review:

D700 & 70-200VRII + TCIII @ 400mm, handhold, iso 4000,[b]1/30 sec, F 5.6[/b] :o

The scene:

and a 66% crop:
The person you see is Mr. Johnny Houtch, liftime friend of mine and secretary general of the European billiard federation.

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