I prefer a D700+ MB10 over a D3...

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I prefer a D700+ MB10 over a D3...

Postby Stany Buyle » Thu 26 Aug 2010 09:34

I used to get my D3 in nov 2007 but changed it for a D700 as soon as it was available because I found the D3 to heavy, big and striking ánd because of the D700' PUFlash which saved my day already more than once.

Recently I bought the DB-10 with EL-EN4a battery and charger for reasons of speed and battery life and I find this modular system nearly perfect and it pleases me much better than D3.
  • If you need the speed and battery life or vertical shutter, I mount my DB-10.
  • If I want a relative small, not striking camera I take the DB-10 off...
  • PUFlash
  • Sensor cleaning
  • Even more battery power to use than D3 while you can leave your EN-EL3 inside with DB10 mounted
  • I realize that the D700 with DB-10 is bigger and even more heavy than the D3 alone, but I have options...
  • No double card slot
  • No 100% view coverage
  • No pro weather sealing, even though *very* good...

Most of the time I use my D700 without the DB-10.

Just my thoughts...
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