D3's and D700 for sale...(Some links)

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D3's and D700 for sale...(Some links)

Postby Stany Buyle » Mon 8 Aug 2011 18:32

From another topic on this site:
With the August 24th announcement coming closer there come more and more D3, D3s, D700 and D3x for sale on several second hand sites. If you want a great camera for a bargain price, watch the serious second hand sites... I think you'll get a D3 in mind condition for approx 1500 euro after August 24th...
What is funny is to read the reason why people sell their D3 (overcomplete" etc...) Of course no seller mentions better cameras are coming... ;)

A today(2011, August 8th) screenshot of http://www.fotoapparatuur.nl/2deHands/Nikon/?t=A&fltr=0


Some second hand sites I recommand:
In Belgium:

In the Netherlands:

In the UK:

In the USA:
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