Knut, RIP... You were a great bear!

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Knut, RIP... You were a great bear!

Postby Stany Buyle » Mon 21 Mar 2011 11:44

I love animals very much and I used to be a fan of Knut, the cute polar bear of the Berlin Zoo.

Unfortunately Knut left us already :cry: , very probably killed by the stress and the loss of his human "father" two years ago, the loss of his girlfriend Gianna some months ago(she was moved to the Munich Zoo), and finally -by the idiocy of the Berlin Zoo management- to put him together with some female bear who terrorized my favorite.
I cannot understand that people who qualify as biologist do not understand that teasing brings somebody's life in danger is counting as well for animals as for humans.

The underneath pictures are googled on the internet:

Knut brought millions of Euros to the Berlin zoo. The Berlin zoo did not invest some money to create a private cage for him with a girlfriend though, even after they for sure realised that the terror from the other three bears would end up badly...
For those who doubt about the extreme teasing of the 3 other Polars you can watch this video on YouTube. Knut's body language speaks fear...
Knut's human "father" Thomas Dörflein would never have agreed with this situation I guess...
Image Image

For the management of the Berlin Zoo Knut apparently was nothing but Kassa, Kassa..., after the hype they left him alone...

Shame on you managers of the Berlin Zoo! :oops:

RIP Knut.

The tragic last seconds of Knut:

:cry: :cry: :cry:
kindest regards,

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