Canon 9000 Color shift

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Canon 9000 Color shift

Postby aclphoto » Wed 24 Dec 2008 09:53

Hi there I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem:
When I process images in CS3, they look fine... (my monitor is calibrated with a Huey) then I print them on one of my two Canon 9000's and they look fine out of the printers... then in about 3 min the color shifts (literally before my eyes) and I'm getting a greenish brown/yellow tint...

This is a hit or miss deal too... some stay just fine while others shift. I've tried different papers (Ilford and Canon premium lines) and it's still there.

BTW When I print on my Epson 4800... it's just fine.

any ideas?

PS DPR thread can be found here: this may answer some questions... ... e=30437239
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Re: Canon 9000 Color shift

Postby Guy Van Hooveld » Thu 25 Dec 2008 22:17

very strange to say the least.. I am using a Canon Pixma 9500 and I have never seen this problem...
Have you tried to print on Canvas or other types of papers to see if there is a difference...
Guy Van Hooveld
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Re: Canon 9000 Color shift

Postby RudyDusslier » Fri 26 Dec 2008 22:59

I´m using the Canon 9000 and the only thing I can say is that in the very beginning of the print the colors are more saturated (even too much), but after a few minutes they look good to me. There is a little difference of colours depending on the format I´m using. A3 is more saturated and better than A4 and A5 (always canon Photo Paper Pro). But I never saw a colour shift. You print from Photoshop? My choice is always Canon Easy-Photo Print, never problems.

Rudy Dusslier
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