Well worth reading.

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Well worth reading.

Postby Leen Koper » Thu 25 Dec 2014 10:18

I spend most of my time, when I am not using my camera, usually with two things: working on my computer to improve my images and reading "everything" about photography on the internet. This may seem a rather boring life to a lot of people (in fact, the second part is) but sometimes you discover real gems. And those discoveries really make it all worthwhile.

One of those discoveries I made about a week ago was a wonderful blog. It expresses exactly my opinion about photography and I even might have written it myself, that much the author is like me. Landscape photography is his main hobby and he does indeed a pretty good job. His URL: http://thelightweightphotographer.com/

Most regular readers on this forum will know I have switched from Nikon to Panasonic, not because I disliked my Nikons, on the contrary, but the weight on my shoulder became too much of a burden. He made a similar switch, but a few years earlier. Quite understandable, as his hobby, next to photography, is fell walking. And weight is indeed one of the limiting factors while fell walking.

He owns a second blog, http://lenscraft.co.uk/ , dedicated to photography too, but I did not have time enough to explore it. If it is as well worth reading, I have some extra hours to fill. Anyway, the weather is not that attractive at all at this time of the year. :lol:
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Re: Well worth reading.

Postby Stany Buyle » Mon 29 Dec 2014 19:12

Thanks for the link.
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