Macro photography: 3:1 magnification with AF

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Macro photography: 3:1 magnification with AF

Postby Stany Buyle » Wed 11 Mar 2015 13:07

I was always a little envious Nikon does not have a 1x-5x macro lens like Canon has, but :idea: I found a solution to get 3:1 WITH AF ànd tack sharp on my D810... :D :D :D
I was doing similar and even bigger magnifications in the past with reverse rings, extension tubes, reversed lenses with coupling rings but those techniques have several disadvantages like extremely narrow DOF, difficult to focus and nearly black viewer at very small apertures like F40... Stacking is another option but very time consuming...

D810 with 105 AF-S VR + 2 TCs, iso 125, F40, on tripod

Subjects are: A ball point and part of a match


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