The difference between a Nikon release and a Canon release..

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The difference between a Nikon release and a Canon release..

Postby Stany Buyle » Thu 26 Aug 2010 12:41

Canon just released the 60D. If you read the press release as a novice you would think this is an important upgrade, while for a 40D or 50D owner this is just an overpriced name changing(my impression and based on what I read on other fora)...
Approximately the same happened with 20D>30D... It seems typical for Canon.

That's the big difference in "new" between Canon and Nikon. When Nikon brings something new, it's very different and evolutional compared to it's predecessor while Canon often only brings "big annoucements" for one pixel more.
Taking Canon's (too)fast release cycle into consideration, and even though at first sight Canon equipment seems less expensive than Nikon equipment, makes the resell value of Nikon equipment much better than Canon's.
Finally, a 50D is "old" since the release of it's successor...

Another critic of mine is Canon's inconsitancy in their lineup. The 10D used to have a metal body (It was my first DSLR) while the body quality under while has degenerated to a nearly full-plastic camera, like their rebel line(Aluminium and polycarbonate resin with glass fibre for the 60D against Magnesium alloy for the 10D).

And the price...: Who would pay the announced price of 1399US$ if you can get a 7D for 1535US$? (prices from B&H website on today)

My above statement does not imply anything about Canon camera quality, -TMHO Canon produces equal quality equipment than Nikon- , just my thoughts about different PR and release strategies....

Just my thoughts...
kindest regards,

I like better one good shot in a day than 10 bad ones in a second...
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