Is Fuji DSLR definitively history?

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Is Fuji DSLR definitively history?

Postby Stany Buyle » Sun 21 Jun 2009 11:13

I loved the colour output and overall IQ of my S5pro, regret I sold it, eventhough it was slow and the software was not very handsome.
Many former Fuji S3/S5 users have been dreaming about a FX format Fuji sensor in a D700 body, i guess it will never come anymore, Fuji seems not to be interested anymore...
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Re: Is Fuji DSLR definitively history?

Postby James » Tue 23 Jun 2009 21:58

Hey Stany,

You can always make me an offer for my S5 Pro ;)

Actually I thought about saying this to you when I noticed you saying the same on dpreview but... I think I would miss the higher DR and brilliant OOC jpegs too much! I use it for wideangle shots even on motor sport to make sure that I don't blow the sky, it is awesome!
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Re: Is Fuji DSLR definitively history?

Postby pam.meier » Mon 29 Jun 2009 20:33

Hard to tell, the odds are against another Fuji DSLR in Nikon mount. The market is too small for such a camera, it would be too expensive.
Not that I wouldn´t want such a camera, but would I pay 3000 $ for a 12 Mpix camera ... (well, I might even do it, but I´m crazy).
I speculate we will see lots of bridge cameras from Fuji and one will eventually have an APS-C-sized sensor with increased dynamic range.
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