Some pictures of ......

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Some pictures of ......

Postby paly » Thu 25 Feb 2010 20:55

.... Jolien

Speedlite in softbox rechts van camera
Speedlite met snoot links achter model

Jolien in de balletstudio van Lilliane Butler in Terneuzen.
Light: 1sb25 @1/4 links, in white umbrella.
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Re: Some pictures of ......

Postby Vincent De Vos » Sun 28 Feb 2010 17:07

Very nice portrait, the expression on the girls face looks "very portrait"...
The first ballet picture with its strange subjet place looks like a perfect affiche for a ballet show with text on the left side...
Passioned by beautiful pictures, not a very active photographer though...

PS I use google translate a lot to write better English. So, if mistake, I's google, not me. ;)
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Re: Some pictures of ......

Postby Leen Koper » Wed 3 Mar 2010 08:35

The first one: I like the crop, when printed it saves you a lot of ink, although in my opinion it is just a tiny little too high.
Second one: lovely light, but the hand is that powerful, it takes over the image. The first thing you see is the hand and it should have been the face. My advice; leave the hands out of the image. you chose to use broad light on her face. I might have had her look into the direction the light is coming from. Now there is a big white space where nothing exiting happens. If it would have been into the shade, this area would have been much smaller. Al in al, a wonderful portrait, wonderful light, a very good poser, but with a little more attention to the details it could even have been better.
Third one: this one has nothing in it for me. The other ones are so much stronger.
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