D900 & D900x...

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D900 & D900x...

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Assuming Nikon will release a D900 & a D900x( hypothetical naming and very unlikely because of the new mount...) ML in a couple of weeks like Sony did a couple of years ago with A7s & A7r, brings automatically the question : "What impact will this have on the price of used Nikon SLR gear? (including D5, D500, ànd D850...)" and "will I be able to resist the switch?"

When I decided to switch back from D850 to D810 + D500 I was thinking about this (r)evolution…
Stany Buyle wrote:Final word............

For the future though, with a Nikon FX mirrorless in my mind and if it will be as I would like it to be:
• with F mount or "in-house" Nikon F mount adaptor
• with streaming magnification possibility in your viewfinder
• with PUF and flash commander on board
• even more resolution than D850 actually provide (75MP?)
• with very wide AF point coverage in viewfinder, like Sony pro cams.
• .....

:arrow: ..., D500, D810 ànd D850 might become obsolete, and probably even sooner as we expect.

Just my thoughts...
... and I guess in both options I will loose a lot of money once I will go for FX ML...
I expect seeing plenty of D850's & D810s for sale at bargain prices soon after the adapter quality has been confirmed to public. Probably my D500 will keep up the highest % of its initial price…

Already the release of Fuji and Sony ML had a huge impact on resale potential & value of used Nikon DSLRs and lenses. I remember selling 2 D800E's and 1 D800 with a couple of hundred clicks on each without loosing a penny in the early days of D800 & D800e while doubting going on with the D800 or D800e version. On the other side I also remember how much I lost on selling my D850 4 months ago...

AA2, a friend of mine and company insider assured me that all my old & newest lenses will work perfectly on the FX ML body with a very sophisticated adapter...

That • sophisticated lens adapter,
...together with...
  • shooting really silent
  • no vibration
  • a hybrid viewfinder with AF points spread even better than I have already in my D500
  • more information in the viewfinder
  • an incomparable much improved video functionality
  • the easiness of ML' exposure control vs. the "old" SLR system
  • an appealing new set of dedicated ML lenses which I exect to be smaller, lighter, totally silent focusing and with improved optical performance
  • higher speed shooting
  • a more compact and lighter body
  • improved in-camera NEF processing
  • improved stacking feature over D850
  • ...
Will imply that it will be extremely tempting and difficult to resist the move to Nikon ML for myself… :twisted: :roll:

I have an idea about the body prices because Nikon has to keep up a bit with the Sony counterpart but -until now- I have no clue what the price of that necessary adapter will be...

Exciting :o :o :o :shock: and expensive :roll: :oops: :cry: times coming up...

Kindest regards,
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