Nikon Z8 firmware update to v 1.01

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Nikon Z8 firmware update to v 1.01

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Nikon Z8 firmware update to v 1.01 :arrow: ... 6/Z_8.html

Changes from Firmware C:1.00 to C:1.01

• Changed the timing of the temperature rise warning display when the temperature inside the camera rises, mainly during movie recording.
• Changed the display position of the memory card high temperature warning display when in movie mode.
• The following bugs have been fixed:
- When [Bluetooth communication function] and [Communication during power off] in [Network menu] > [Connect to smartphone] are both set to [OFF] and [Wi-Fi connection] is set to [ON], the battery level decreases faster than usual while the camera is turned off.
- When [Custom Menu]> F9 [Focus Ring Angle Settings] is set to something other than [Non-linear], the focus position moves when the focus ring is operated even if the [Custom Menu] > [Focus ring operation when AF is set] is set to [Disabled].
- After shooting with the SB-800 Speedlite and the flash is disabled, the SB-800 does not accept operations.

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