Zhongyi Optics launches the Mitakon APO 200mm f/4 Macro 1X for RF

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Re: Zhongyi Optics launches the Mitakon APO 200mm f/4 Macro 1X for RF

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2.196 weergaven In première gegaan op 21 jul 2023 #macrophotography #macro #macrolens
Welcome to the world of macro photography with Mitakon 200mm F/4, the ultimate macro lens on budget. Capture the tiniest details with 1x magnification, while enjoying the flexibility of a powerful 200mm telephoto lens for distant subjects and exquisite background bokeh. Experience the true essence of your subjects in stunning clarity and vivid colors.

Mitakon 200mm F/4 is available now!

Learn more on https://zyoptics.net/product/mitakon-...

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Shenyang Zhongyi Optical and Electronic Company (ZY Optics) is a leading Chinese camera lens & adapters manufacturer. We currently manufacture and distribute lenses and lens turbo adapters under the brand name of ‘Mitakon’ & ‘Zhongyi’.
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