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facebook is a terrible disease

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I'm an old man but I'm very familiar with computer science.
To my opinion, facebook is a terrible disease that is a danger for society and for many individuals...
  • How many youngsters committed suicide after being bullied and deeply insulted on FB by anonymous trolls or by their "friends" on FB?
  • Facebook stimulates controversy, hatred, and racism because they always choose on behalf of the number of clicks and money.
  • Facebook was at least partly responsible for the drama and the victims of January 6th.
  • Facebook promotes itself as "social" media whereas FB drives hundreds of millions of people into loneliness behind their screen, "talking" with people they've never met, they don't really know or who even don't exist...
  • There is much more... negative to say about this social drama...
When I was looking to "Spectre" I saw a lot of similarities with that filth.
Under while Zuckerberg gets richer and richer and more hypocrite at the same time... He doesn't care...

Shame on you, Mark!
Humanity Is Insane.
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