Feather Touch focuser mounting isn't that easy...

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Feather Touch focuser mounting isn't that easy...

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I recently purchased a feather Touch focuser at Ganymedes for my Celestron 8" Edge HD and mounted it based on the instruction movie on YouTube


After feather touch focuser mounting my telescope did not focus anymore... :oops: :evil: :roll:
I had to keep my eyepiece 10-20cm away from the back to get subject in focus... :lol: :lol: :lol:

After strugling some more hours I phoned Jeroen from Ganymedes and explained my problem.
This morning Jeroen jumped in his car and drove all the way down from Amstelveen to Gravelines (325Km one way) to help me out.

Thanks Ganymedes for the excellent service.

Kindest regards,

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